Annual UN Field Service Staff Union Council Meeting

The annual UN Field Service Staff Union Council meeting will take place this year in Brindisi, Italy from 25 to 29 November 2019.


In preparation for the meeting, the UNIFIL Committee would like to hear about cross cutting issues that you feel should be raised during this meeting. Please endeavor not to raise personal issues unless this is in support of a generic issue that affects many, (Perhaps a policy issue).

Please provide us with any supportive evidence you may have and any references to relevant ST/SGB’s or ST/AI’s.


The Committee has been asked to submit these issues in advance, so the agenda can be adapted to allow for discussion or speakers on the subjects as required.


Please submit your issues/questions via the below link:


As a new Committee has just been elected at UNFIL, we will hold a Town Hall meeting prior to this, enabling us to make a forward plan of where we need to concentrate our efforts.


Best Regards,


Steve, Phil, Mary, Manoj and Larry.

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