UN Day 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As we move into the 75th year of existence of our organization, the UNFSU would like to commemorate and celebrate this year’s United Nations Day by recognizing and appreciating the value that the staff of the United Nations have brought and continue to bring to our organization.

Without its people there simple is no organization, without people there would not be a United Nations!

At the last Staff Management Committee meeting an agreement was reached to implement a practice that had been taking place in some UN offices and entities but not in all. The Secretary General agreed to ensure that throughout the secretariat UN staff will receive recognition for the service they have provided to this organization in the form of a “Long Service Award”. This award is to be issued on or around today, the 24th of October, United Nations Day.

There have and continue to be challenges to implement this relatively simple agreement. However, we know that in many missions hard work has been carried out, in some cases with the help from progressive UNFSU Committees, to establish the eligibility of staff by verifying the years of service in order to make this happen.

From the large amount of interest and communications we have received over the past weeks and months regarding this subject, it becomes clear just how important these gestures of recognition, even if they seem small in the form of a certificate, are to staff.

With that spirit in mind we, Leila, Liliya and myself ask that we all take some time today to reflect, connect and recognize one another as friends and colleagues.

We recognize the staff who endure the stresses of everyday life and work in our peacekeeping and special political missions. These are now in many cases compounded by the stress of not knowing if they will have a job in a few months or weeks due to ongoing mission downsizing and closures. While we all know and understand the transitory nature of our “business” it does not alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with it.

We recognize and acknowledge the successes and failures, the dedication and commitment, the sacrifices and losses, shouldering them together, because;

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