Reminder to sign the G to P Petition

You may know, in 2018 the New York Staff Union, ESCWA Staff Council (SC) and the Field Staff Union launched an extensive campaign to obtain the abolishment of the G to P ceiling (It was decided in December 2019 that the matter will be discussed during the resumed session in early 2020).In order to continue to address this important matter, we launched the petition in December 2019 and had received tremendous support from many of our sister duty stations. As a result, we are close to reaching 7,500 signatures; however, our humble aim is to obtain 10,000 signatures.


So, please be an important part of this action and if you have not had the opportunity to sign the petition, then we sincerely encourage you and your colleagues to sign it:


We need your voice to make ourselves heard on this very important topic!


Thank you so much in advance for your kind attention to this matter.


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