Digest of Case law from UNDT and UNAT 2009-2019

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to share with you the Digest of Case Law of the United Nations Dispute Tribunal (UNDT) and the United Nations Appeals Tribunal (UNAT) in the first ten years of the internal justice system at the United Nations (2009-2019).

The Digest was prepared by the Office of Administration of Justice (OAJ) as a research aid for all users of the system, especially staff members across the United Nations organizations, regardless of their functions, and legal practitioners appearing before the Tribunals, to support transparency and access to justice.

The Digest is a summary of the case law and is not an authoritative interpretation of the Tribunals’ rulings. For the authoritative texts, the readers are referred to the judgment or order rendered by the respective Tribunal which are the only bodies competent to interpret their respective judgments, as provided under article 12(3) of the UNDT Statute, and article 11(3) of the UNAT Statute.

The digested cases are classified by principal topics (such as appointment, basic rights and obligations of staff, disciplinary cases), which are arranged alphabetically. Each summary of the Tribunal’s judgement presents the most salient facts in the case, the first instance determinations, appellate rulings and the legal principles established or applied in the specific case. In addition, each case is preceded by a caption that sets forth the judgment number, the name of the case, keywords reflecting the content of the issues considered, as well as the relevant legal provisions. It is our intention to update the electronic version of the Digest periodically to reflect developments in the jurisprudence of the Tribunals.

I am kindly requesting you to widely distribute the Digest among your members.

The Digest is available in English and French, and print copies will be distributed by OAJ, once the onsite working arrangements are resumed at Headquarters. Meanwhile, the electronic versions attached to this email have been posted on the internal justice multilingual website:




OAJ Jurisprudential Digest WEB (Fr)

OAJ Jurisprudential Digest WEB (En)

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