Beirut explosion – Compensation to staff for injury and damage or loss of effects

Dear Colleagues,

The Department of Operational Support would also like to assist in quickly providing assurances to staff who may have claims for compensation for injury or property damage. 

The attached Crises Preparedness Guide for Staff and Families is intended as a summary-level tool that provides essential information in the case of service-incurred injury and illness, or in the more tragic circumstances of death, of a staff member. The guidance covers a complex range of issues, including:

1. application of sick leave for treatment and recovery;
2. claims for workers compensation (often known as “Appendix D”);
3. resolution of remaining personnel entitlements in the event of the death of a staff member; and
4. any implications that might arise from membership of the UN Pension Fund.

In addition, the attached summary guidance on Compensation for Loss of or Damage to Personal Effects outlines the requirements for submitting claims for property losses. A standard Claim Form is also attached for this purpose. Staff members may wish to be aware that with regards to losses in personal effects:

1. presence at a particular duty station can be seen as the effect of performance of official duties on behalf of the United Nations;
2. claims can be made up to a total value (separate from claims for a vehicle) of up to $20,000 for staff residing with dependents or $12,000 otherwise;
3. personal effects include those of dependents;
4. claims must be submitted within two months, accompanied by supporting evidence; and
5. and established internal process relies on an assessment of a ‘Claims Board’ set up either locally or centrally for this purpose.

Individual staff members should initially liaise closely with the HR unit within your entity in seeking clarity or resolving any issues. Your HR units can also seek further information or assistance through the Chief of the Client Support and Special Situations Section.


20200805 – Compensation for Loss or Damage to Personal Effects – guidance

Claim form for loss of or damage to personal effects


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