UNFSU Assistance to Lebanon

UNFSU Assistance to the Lebanese people of Beirut after the terrible explosion – Your Charitable Donations at work!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The United Nations Field Staff Union, through the UNIFIL Committee, recently asked for contributions to assist the residents of Beirut, Lebanon after the horrific explosion that took place on 4th August 2020 leaving many thousands displaced and hungry.

Through many generous contributions a total of $31,911 USD was collected between from the 6th – 28th August 2020, an amazing show of support for those less fortunate than us.

A local charity, “The Lebanese Food Bank”, was identified by UNIFIL UNFSU to assist in getting food aid to those most in need.

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Utilizing the funds, 21,911 USD we were able to provide 800 families of 4 food for a month, 3200 people daily or the equivalent of 96000 people. The food boxes provided contain 19.5 KG of food, all of which is locally sourced in Lebanon from farmers and producers, thus, supporting local incomes at the same time.

This has allowed for your contributions to remain in country whilst providing the much-needed assistance.

“From the farming industry, harvesting, packaging of produce, boxing and delivery to the recipients, the whole process involves locally grown items and local workforce”

A Further donation assistance of $10,000 USD has been given to provide special formula milk and nappies to babies.

This is achieved by the Food Bank providing coupons to the value of 200,000 LBP that can be utilized in the local pharmacies.

Members of the UNIFIL UNFSU spent a day with the Lebanese Food Bank assisting in the delivery of the food boxes and witnessed firsthand the amazing work carried out by this charity and the plight of many thousands of people in continuing need of assistance.

The movie clip below was created by the Lebanese Food Bank to show how your generosity is helping others.

Please spare a couple of minutes to watch it. https://youtu.be/XkYHFCtz410

UNIFIL UNFSU wish to thank you for the amazing generosity you showed and will never forget your efforts when others were most in need.


Our best wishes to all,

Steve, Phil, Larry, Mary and Manoj

and the UNFSU Executive.

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