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Post Adjustment ICSC


Dear Friends and Colleagues,   Please see attached response from the Chair of the ICSC to the Staff Federations regarding post adjustment measures to protect group II d/s from the current economic volatility. ICSC Chair’s Response to StaffReps_31 March 2020.docx 00

SG’s video message on Covid-19


  My dear Colleagues,   The strength of our United Nations is YOU – our committed and dedicated personnel.   Events have moved at alarming speed over the past two weeks.   This crisis is unprecedented. And I am proud of how – together – you are adapting so quickly.    I understand the enormous stress that measures to contain the virus are putting on you and your families.   Many of you — like me — are ….  Read More

A Grunt’s View of U.N. Leadership


  An internal U.N. survey shows that the bosses think they are doing a better job than their employees do. The vast majority of U.N. workers—89 percent—say they are proud to work for their international organization, which keeps the peace in far-flung war zones, tends to natural and humanitarian disasters, and promotes the global response ….  Read More

JIU Report Mobility


JIU/REP/2019/8 Review of Staff Exchange and Similar Inter-agency Mobility Measures in United Nations System Organizations   The Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations system (JIU) is pleased to share the Review Highlights and Full Report for the Review of Staff Exchange and Similar Inter-agency Mobility Measures in United Nations System Organizations, prepared by Inspector ….  Read More

UNFSU on Yammer


The global UNFSU has set up a Yammer group for all the constituents. Mark, Liliya and Leila invite you to join. The link to the Yammer group is here, Please join up and participate in conversations, get updated information and contribute to your Union. 00

Reminder to sign the G to P Petition


You may know, in 2018 the New York Staff Union, ESCWA Staff Council (SC) and the Field Staff Union launched an extensive campaign to obtain the abolishment of the G to P ceiling (It was decided in December 2019 that the matter will be discussed during the resumed session in early 2020).In order to continue ….  Read More