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Reminder to sign the G to P Petition


You may know, in 2018 the New York Staff Union, ESCWA Staff Council (SC) and the Field Staff Union launched an extensive campaign to obtain the abolishment of the G to P ceiling (It was decided in December 2019 that the matter will be discussed during the resumed session in early 2020).In order to continue ….  Read More

2019 Staff Engagement Survey


The 2019 Staff Engagement Survey concluded last week. A total of 18,738 staff members (or 52%) from more than 200 duty stations of the United Nations Secretariat completed the survey. The Office of Human Resources in the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance would like to thank all staff members who participated!     ….  Read More

2019 Leadership Dialogue: Conflict of Interest


This year’s topic, “ Conflicts of Interest – Why Do They Matter? ”, focuses on ways to maintain public trust through mitigating risks arising from personal interests. Such conflicts can interfere, or appear to interfere, with the performance of official duties or with the integrity required by the staff member’s status as an international civil ….  Read More